I’m terrible about updating… Good thing this is a hobby…ish

So first, yeah its been 6 months. My bad.

5c8c2f6669699.imageIn the meantime I’ve been making up for last year’s lack of hiking. Now that we’re into the fall shoulder season I’ve actually accomplished most of my goal hikes for the year. (For once.) A lot of the focus has been on western Iowa. Unfortunately, the flooding of the Missouri River that crushed Nebraska, also effected 4 of the parks I had on the list for this year. In fact, Wilson Island State Park was so damaged that it’s unknown when it will get to reopen.

As far as content, I’ve been been working on my backlog of parks where I have completed the trail reports, but hadn’t finished the videos yet. I posted updates on Instagram and Facebook for most of them once I got them done. I’ve only got a couple left, so I should be completely caught up soon. Here is the list of the new ones since March:

Mesa Verde National Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5LglDT8Gbo&t=58s

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxlSV9ayu2M&t=58s

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0QF33oLOGY&t=60s

Pikes Peak Road Ascent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCdlKHcj5SY&t=434s

Palisades State Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXJ48cqnr7o&t=2s

So what else have I been up to since editing videos can’t have taken up that much time? Well I’ve been pushing Chris Pettit Photo as much as I can. My primary focus currently has been real estate and drone photography, with a smattering of family portraits. I’ve been researching food and product photography as of late, since the craft just looks interesting. When I’m not wielding my camera in the professional realm, I’ve been out walking the dirt, capturing what I can.


This year I’ve completed 8 new parks so far, and crossed over 100 miles already. Feels good to be back out there on a regular basis again. With winter creeping up I’ve only got a few more weeks left of weather I can trust in order to review new places. It’s challenging to sell a place once the leaves are gone and the snow blankets the ground. I’ve only got a couple goal hikes remaining for the year, so I should be able to visit them as long as the weather holds out. After that, it gets easier to get out since I can just go for a walk and not have to worry about capturing footage.

Now that being said… I have probably 10-15 parks worth of media to start working on. So with the weather getting chillier, it does help to sequester myself in the office and get back to editing and posting once I’m done with Chris Pettit Photo work. But like I said in the title, this is just a hobby, sort of. So I try to keep it out of the realm of “required work”… until someone starts paying me to review the outdoors. LOL

Anyhow, I hope you all had a fun spring and summer. Now get outside and enjoy the fall leaves while they last!


It’s time for an update on how 2019 it starting!

It’s started pretty darn well actually!

The new house is fulfilling everything I had hoped it would, mostly making sure momma is happy, and I’m already seeing that the new education district is having a positive effect on Odessa. No regrets!

I tried to get out this winter, but the literally killer vortex that showed up destroyed much of my winter hiking plans.

I got out a couple times so far, and both hikes were very enjoyable. While a good many people around me lament at how much they hate winter, I actually very much enjoy winter hiking. There is just something fun and special about the extra challenge of plodding through snow. The silence of the winter environment is just so inviting.

However, spring is finally showing its hand, and its time to prep for the miles I missed last year thanks to my dedication to work.  I traveled from Iowa to Florida, to New Hampshire, to Wisconsin, to Mississippi; all in a 6 month window. Needless say, I sacrificed a lot of family and trail time in 2018. That is to be rectified!

CP ScreenshotSo while those around me know I’m not hiding my desire to transition to carrying a camera full-time, photography is one of those businesses that you don’t just magically make happen.

On a photo note: I’M A LICENSED DRONE PILOT!!!!! Yarrrrrr!

So much excitement in that. I studied a lot for that test and am happy to finally have that one behind me.

Now my focus can be directed back to the trails and getting that footage published.

Speaking of publishing footage; I’ve dropped a few new videos since the last update.

I’ve been focusing on my backlog of videos, before I jump back into my trail reports. Since I’ve basically been trapped in the basement, I have been able to knock out:

Rocky Mountain National Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfuhx_aPnr0&t=2s

Hanging Lake State Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGnXX1iNHzs

Ouray Perimeter hike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgQY5lCVI2U

I hope to see you checking back throughout the year as I continue to explore the parks of the great state of Iowa.

Umm… Hello Again…

Okay then, it’s 2019 already. For those of you who might still be around on the blog and following on YouTube, I am still around. Everyone following along on Facebook and Instagram, you have seen that I have had A LOT going on this year.

dsc_2572I was able to get out for some good snowshoeing early last year, then a couple more hikes in the spring. Unfortunately, that’s where my dirt walking ended.

east coast tripsIn April I got the opportunity to take on some new responsibilities at work that required me to travel a good amount. I spent a little over 2 weeks in Florida during April, then a week in New Hampshire in May. June I got to stay home, but had a lot of tasks that ate up most of the month. In July I spent a little over a week in Wisconsin, then August sent me to Mississippi for 11 days.

Record rainfall pretty much wiped out any days off that I wanted to spend on the trails.

Not only that, but starting in April we began the process of building a new home in Urbana (about 20 minutes north of Cedar Rapids). We moved in with the father-in-law in June, sold the house in July, and monitored the build processes on a regular basis. I have to give a huge thank you to Scott Lown of Building Concepts for building us a great home for my family in a short amount of time. He broke ground in August, and we moved in the last day of November. If you’re looking for a great quality builder in the Center Point- Urbana area, I couldn’t recommend him more!

Now that we are finally moved in, the holidays are over, and I finished setting up the basement to be a solid work space; I can finally get back to focusing on getting content out again. The backlog isn’t huge, so I should be able to buckle down and get some editing done and get caught up. I guess a positive with not getting out hiking is that the backlog didn’t increase during the editing hiatus. The newest thing I set up is a video recording area where I plan on doing some various discussions on how I plan for things, as well as some gear reviews. Although I’m undecided on the gear reviews. I don’t have the funds to always have the latest items released, or the high-end ones for that manner. So we’ll see where that leads.

As usual I put together a rough plan of hikes that is quite ambitious. After all, I have to try to make up for my immensely lackluster 2018. I’m really hoping for some good snow soon so I can start out the year with some quality snowshoeing again, rather than just some cold, concrete-like, frozen ground walking.

In closing, for all of you that have stuck around; thank you! Here’s to more fresh air in 2019!


Madera Hammocks

CJP_6864So I took opportunity of the great weather today to get out for some snowshoeing down at Lake MacBride State Park. The lake was quite frozen and I used it to take a shortcut back to the car after I got the photos that I set out to capture. Besides, my camera battery was dead… 180-some shots and my favorites are the pano up top, and two close ups of the snow.



While I was looking for some nice winter shots to capture, they weren’t the actual intent of the hike.

CJP_6865The actual intent was to get some pictures of the new Madera Hammock I just got the other day. Now this one is Cheryl’s, the one I ordered for me is a pre-order and isn’t expected to ship until the end of February. Now this is my first hammock experience, but I have been researching them for a while now. Like a couple years “a while.” The construction seems to be pretty solid, and the cost wasn’t too bad. This was just a simple taste test for practice’s sake. I’ll have to post a review after I get more experience with it.


So far I’m starting to understand where the draw to hammocks comes from. Even though it was cold, it was quite nice to lay in it and just… chill. lol


Now the other reason I wanted to get out and take some product shots was to be able to announce that even though I don’t have any experience with hammocks, the company thought my passion for the outdoors was a good fit for their ambassador program.

So periodically I will post about their brand, offer discounts for their products, and provide reviews. In return, if you decide to purchase through the links I provide, like this one:


I get a small commission.


So if you are curious about hammocks and don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on your first one, they are almost always running sales. I got Cheryl’s for about $50 with the tree straps.

As always, I hope you enjoy your walk!

New Intro and Outro Video

new-youtube-logoSo a quick post looking for feedback. I’ve spent the last several weeks working on improving my YouTube videos with adding an intro and outro. I’ve finally finished them and posted them on YouTube for review.

Brave I know. However, if you’re someone who watches my videos I would appreciate your input on ways to improve them. After all, if I add these to the beginning and end of every video, and they annoy you, you’re less likely to watch more videos right?

So please give me some honest criticism.

Thank you in advance!



Another year may be down, but more adventure awaits!

Well I guess it is that time of year where I do a write up on the past year of getting my shoes dirty. I have to say 2017 was a pretty good year. Even though there were a good number of miles that my feet didn’t get to walk, I achieved a lot of the goals I set for myself.

2018 Mileage

Every year I set the goal to cover at least 100 miles of trails. For 2017 I went super ambitious and tried to include the remainder of the state parks I’ve researched, the hikes my wife and I like to do each year, and my return to Yellow River for redemption. In total I set myself on a collision course with 212 miles of ground pounding (2016’s 140 miles is the most I’ve ever done). As you can see from the screen shot of my spreadsheet… I didn’t make it. I did make my annual goal of 100 miles by 12.75 miles, so it’s still a win.

dsc03528If there was a negative to be found with this year’s hiking; it would have to have been not getting to do the winter icefall hike at Starved Rock, and the Halloween hike that my wife and I enjoy doing every year. This year looks to correct the icefalls at least… -46 with windchill last week.

Two of the best hiking achievements of the year were beating Yellow River, and finally experiencing the outdoorsman mecca of Colorado! It’s been six months since our family adventure and we still can’t stop thinking about it. Of course I did just finish posting about it a couple weeks ago, so there’s been a constant reminder.


Looking over the website, I think I have been improving on my ability to produce better trail reports and blog posts. I love the map addition! Some of my early posts were quite short with limited information. My more recent ones I feel give you, the readers, a better picture of what to expect. To everyone who has messaged me, I do appreciate all of the compliments you have given, I sincerely thank you. I hope to continue improving upon the resource I’m building here.

One way I have been improving the posts has been through my photography. I have been upgrading my gear to better capture what my eyes see in order to share it with you. I have several more upgrades I still want to get in order to make them even better, but for now I will continue to capture the best images I can. (In other words, they ain’t cheap!)

img_4606What started out as something to record my hiking journeys for memory’s sake, has turned into a real passion. I started with nothing more than a mid-level Sony Cyber-shot point-n-shoot camera. It got the job done, but the more I started to enjoy the craft of photo and video, the more I desired to upgrade.

Then one night Cheryl and I were lying in bed in a hotel room outside Starved Rock… waiting for Titan and Odessa to finish getting ready for bed so we could icefall hike the next day (dirty minds…). We had been married for just under a year, and we had recently just decided to try for my first child. We hadn’t told anyone, so our conversations were in hushed tones and secret code around the kids. However, that was the night that we made the choice to invest in a nice mid-level DSLR camera to capture the future life of our little CJ. I have since increased my inventory from the simple Sony point-n-shoot, to a Nikon with 2 lens, to uh.. a lot more…



On the topic of upgrades, see the PC on the left with the glowing colors and 3 monitors? Yep, that is the Edi’nator! The one on the right is the 9 year old darling that is still a strong PC when it comes to most functions. However, it finally hit a point where it was starting to lag on photo edits, and video was just too frustrating. So Edi’nator was built to edit the heck out of some Iowa Hiker media. Which means I can finally get back to making videos. The first video it edited was CJ’s second birthday video. Not even a slight hiccup.

I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent developing better and better content (literally everything in those pictures is to deliver better photos and videos to you). So much so that I’ve decided to put a concentrated effort into building a landscape photography presence. One reason for the decrease in my online presence over the past several months has been because I have been putting most of my focus on setting myself up to move into a professional photography capacity in 2018! dun dun dunnnnn!

Now I’m not quitting my job and risking it all, I like my job, and it affords me plenty of opportunity to get outdoors as it is. This is more of a long term, slow developing… (pun intended), retirement plan. I haven’t launched an official photography website yet, I’m waiting until I feel it looks right. So far I’m just not satisfied. I acknowledge it’s the perfectionist in me that I regularly attempt to suppress because he holds me back. Although he did reward me with a Summa Cum Laude on a BS in Psych thanks to a 4.0. (Slavedriver ID…) Regardless, I’m excited. As far as honing my skill, besides shooting everything I can when I hike for repetition’s sake; when you have such an adorable subject that knows when the camera is on her such as I have, it makes practicing easy!


So 2017, work promotion, 100 miles, MOUNTAINS!!!!!!, snowshoeing, new gear, professional photography, an amazing wife and a heart stealing 2 year-old.

I’m not sure I would have noticed if it could have been better. I hope your 2018 is going to be filled with happiness and dirt. So far my rough itinerary is up to 204 miles… 😉

The next upgrade; this logo my best man made for me. I really like the idea behind the design, but I feel it needs more umph… and Notre Dame… lol not really, but it’d be cool for a game day t-shirt. My wife actually had one made for me before we were married where the t-shirt is navy and Iowa is gold. She’s the best.


May 2018 be dirty and awesome for us all!

September Means Great Hiking is Here!

DSC04848Fall is officially around the corner and that means the temperature and humidity are going to start staying in those super comfortable zones. The leaves are going to start their annual shift to gorgeous golds, oranges, and reds. Most importantly, the bug populations are going to soon be getting thinner and thinner!

CJP_5210August was a good month to get outdoors and I hope many of you had the opportunity to do so. I had the annual outdoor adventure with the wife’s family, and snuck out to Brushy Creek State Recreation Area to check out their middle section of the trails. I did their lake loop last year, and plan to hike their southern sections in the next couple weeks. Once I finish that I will have completed the park and can add it to the queue for posting. They claim to have 45 miles of trails, so a bit to do in a single dayhike.

CJP_5449We also attempted to introduce baby girl to tent camping; it went ok, mostly. She had a blast playing outside, watching dad build the fire, etc. Unfortunately there were some not very fun parts. The first was our fault not trying to figure out a better way to feed her in advance. We opted for cooking her supper, but that takes a little longer on a canister stove than at home. Let’s just say she has her mother’s patience… maybe PB&J next time for her. The other hiccup was that once it was time to go to bed. She wasn’t nearly ready for that and it was quite rough and loud. We waited until around 11 pm before finally deciding it was a good effort, but she wasn’t going to sleep, which meant we weren’t going to sleep. We broke down the camp, stuffed it in the car, put her in her car seat and on home we headed. She was asleep by the time we hit the highway… We had her home and in bed 30 minutes later. We gave her a taste of her future at least, she’ll come around. 😉

DSC_4324As far as The Iowa Hiker media, I completed a post and video on the Pine Creek Cabins we stayed at for the annual trip. I have been plugging away at processing the photos from our Colorado adventure in July when I have the time, over halfway through now. My wife has been prodding me to get them done so she can post them to friends and family, so it shouldn’t be much longer…

CaptureGoing forward I have an ambitious couple months coming up. I am using up quite a bit of vacation time, giving me plenty of opportunity to get out there and chew up some miles finally. Not to mention I should get some time to sit down at the computer get some editing done while I recover! Unfortunately, my goal of hitting 212 miles was probably a little too lofty for this year. One park has had extensive trail damage due to some heavy rains and is currently closed for repairs, and the two long “tours” as I call them, are a little harder to plan for than anticipated. (I also didn’t know I was going to get promoted and that my schedule was going to take a hit when I made that goal.) So that’s 70-some miles getting pushed to next year. It does leave me with 160ish for the year though, which is still a gain on last year.

For now, September is starting out great and I’m glad I have DVR so I can watch my Irish when I get home from my hikes!NDFB